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Cho Syoutarou, a digital artist and colorist based in Taiwan and Japan,  who does a variety of digital artwork including short films, 2D & 3D Motion Graphic. He believes art is a energy bridge between the material and spiritual worlds. And the energy of this bridge is converted from the time and efforts that artists have spent. In this respect, NFT is the best way to store this kind of physical/mental energy over time without power loss.

Chen Nijika, a digital artist based in Taiwan and Japan, who does Graphic Design and Digital Painting.

She think money is being weaponlized today, but cryptos is changing everything. Although the world we live right now is facing many challenges, we still need to be cute and optimistic about the future.

She want to promote cryptos through her artworks,

and hoping everyone could live a happy life.

Cryptos make
the world
a better place

Cho Shotaro
Chen Nijika


Digital Art

2D & 3D Moiton Graphic

Graphic Design

Digital Painting

Color Grading


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